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Well, Cloggstock 2019 was filled with fun and rambunctious shenanigans. Thanks very much to all the bands/Artists. Its very obvious all of you are certainly loving what you do and it showed. Live music is about enjoyment and loving what we do and we must not loose sight of this, either as a member of a band, or a wonderful Reveller among the crowd. Huge thanks to Steve Cooper on sound, pure warrior who took everything we threw at him all in his stride. Massive thanks to Tina Corvinus for Manning entry and the raffle and ensuring The Hunt Sabs Association got their raised cash fairly and trouble free. Huge thanks Lou Danger Cooper and Matthew Westfor sorting just about everything we asked at the drop of a hat. Special thanks to Peter Farrier for his constant support at these events, always pulling us out of the shite and still fitting pics and sketches in, love ya Bro. Huge thanks to Tina Sherwood and Jon Hendley for there remarkable photography and commitment to the music scene and the Clogger family..Massive thanks To Debbo Rsab Jacobs and Phily Riley for bringing the legendary Cheezy Vinyl Bar and injecting some wonderful roots enchantment in what ever space the have to work with, amazing people. Huge thanks to Precious Days for the fantastic children's entertainment, always an area for fun and entertainment but also a place to learn about the environment and the general bigger picture, beautifully done. Big thanks to our stall holders for bringing the hippie stalls, always fun to walk around and purchase something alternative and hard to find. Massive thanks to Phil Cudworth for not only bringing his woodcraft stall but his wealth of knowledge, he enjoys passing to others and let's not forget his marvelous set, great stuff. Hey The Hillcote Country Club for allowing us to fill the place with some very lovely alternative Revellers, good on you Danny. And a very loving and special thanks to my beautiful fiance Naomi Budd, who shares the load with me and trust me there is a feck tone of planning lol. We may be both mad as ships cats but we can pull shit together. I Love you Princess 💚💚💚. And lastly our biggest thanks goes out to you wonderful Revellers, without you there is no point writing a song, no point putting a band together and certainly no point pulling a festival together, you guys amaze us. Well, we love you very much, you know that and hey, shall we do it all again next year. Until next time, be lucky Silver Darlings X 💚 X

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