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2 August at 14:58 ·

ALBUM RELEASE...ALBUM RELEASE... Return To The Stones Sons of Clogger

A number of you who read Rock Shotz Soundz think you know Stoke on Trent’s Sons of Clogger: well think again! Their new album, ready for launch during the band’s headline set tomorrow evening (03/08) at the great Rebellion Punk Festival in Blackpool, is set to knock everyone off their feet!

Return To The Stones is a heart and soul album, not just of what people identify as the band’s Folk/Punk signature sound, but it has extracted the very best from the core of each of Clogger’s four talented musicians in terms of song writing and performance.

You’ll find Celtic/Folk in The Ragged Bear, tremendous poignancy amidst the lyrics of the energetic Harrington and Boots, traditional folkiness in Traveling Fair, a new anthem in Punk Rock Girlfriend and sheer beauty in the closing track, Goodbye, which moves Rock Shotz to tears (and that’s not easy!)

David (Daveo) Owen maintains his frontman position with confidence on every track, not just on vocals, but by adding his talent with a variety of strings and pipes. There’s a surprising addition from guitarist Russell Lovatt utilising his expertise on piano as well as his traditional 12-string. Bass player, Paul Brown & drummer, James Myatt hold everything together with incredibly dexterity, delivering what surely must be the band’s Magnum Opus!

Praise must also go to Tom Carter at Riff Factory who's masterful engineering has added incredible production value to this album.

We can tell that this is going to be a Rock Shotz personal favourite for a long time to come! Give it a listen to hear why.

download/stream from today on Spotify/Apple Music and all good digital music platforms.

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