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Sons of Clogger…Return to the Stones teaser

I consider myself to be a fair and impartial reviewer; however, every so often, some sounds come along and you know your listening perception is changed forever. The fact that the sounds happen to be made by personal friends makes this all the more exciting! So forgive my unashamed pride and excitement…

Who knew! Some of my favourite muso mates, who have always classified their music as ‘folk fused with punk,’ sound like THIS!

When, on first spin of the title track from the new album Return To The Stones, Russell Lovatt’s guitar plays the opening bars, I physically feel my eyes growing wider and wider in disbelief, sending my ears tingling with excited electrical impulses. By the time Daveo sings the refrain: ‘Returning to…’ I believe I am headbanging at a party in my head with Metallica!

Sons Of Clogger have thrown bare their collective broader musical influences with the most astonishing results! As someone who has considered herself a ‘rockchick’ all her life, to hear these guys produce the sounds of The Cure and James Hetfield just blows my mind!

I could say a great deal more, but at this stage, I feel that setting the scene and dangling it before you is the right thing to do. A full, more impartial review will appear when the album has been released. (Date to be confirmed.)

When Sons of Clogger invite you to pre-order the new album, do not hesitate!

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